I always had a creative bent of mind since my childhood, doing any such activity pacified my soul and gave me mental calmness. As expected I choose a profession in the field of creativity, thats when started my boutique in 2004. In addition I participated in numerous exihibitions and shows. Anyone who visited my boutique/ stall used to love my work.

However it was not enough for me and I wanted to do more, I felt that my creativity was being restricted to a few thousand people , whereas I wanted to reach out to millions . The restrictions were huge due to lack of infrastructure, finances and support, for me it was akin death of an artist in me.

Abruptly I took a plunge and took a big step to shut down my baby, my love, my boutique. I still recall the 1st of Nov 11, it was a sad day for me as my dream was closing down, still a ray of hope in my heart kept me alive, as I regarded it, as an stepping stone for my next venture.

Life is not easy for anyone and so was the case with me too, I regressed into a phase of mental weakness and depression.

Finally, on a fine day of Jan 14, I decided to do something on social media platform, the possibilities were enormous. It allowed me viewership of millions and I finally saw a ray of hope in it. My life was set to take a turn towards my destiny.

I created my Facebook page “NandiDimps” and I would like to thanks all of you for all the views, likes , comments and obviously numerous orders. NandiDimps is there because of support from you all and I’m sure it’s set to see new high. With  from all of us at NandiDimps

Since then we have been driven by a passion and we have been experimenting with our art, so as to serve the demands of our clients.

Post numerous trials we have homed on to Art on Weaves, we firmly beleive that this historical art form will immediately connect with the heart of all Indians. That’s the reason we have been developing on it from past sometime and we have been successful in blending the requirement of present generation into this historical art form . In this we use slightly offset artworks, as per the taste of our clients on fine handloom fabric .

In a way this is our little contribution towards weavers as well our artists. The art form was well recognised in the past however it has been losing its charm off late , so by promoting this art form, we are able to achieve so many goals. Our forte is Kalamkari and Madhubani and by our work we have revived this dying art form and thereby ensured the livelyhood for the artists of Kalamkari and Madhubnai.

I personally love Block printing and have been working on it, this gives me a dimension to expand and express my thoughts in the form of Art. I start it from the scratch by making the Khaka for painting, tracing the designs and painting them in surreal colours. Actually if you look at them , they are no less than a beautiful painting … sometimes I feel that I should put them in an art gallery.

Struggles in my life has made me compassionate towards the cause of women upliftment, its difficult to prove oneself if you are a women. Our dreams , passion everything is the last priority and I cant wait for the societal changes. So I have decided to do my bit, for which I have a created a separate team which comprises of only women. I have been teaching them how to do painting and other fabric works. Post that I have provided them employment opportunities. I welcome all the girls and women who want to be independent to join our team.

Finally we strive really hard to bring imagination on fabric. It’s creative and a fusion of various art form, which look classy, elegant and unique.

 So in short we at “NandiDimps-Bringing Art On Weaves”. 

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