Nandi Dimps: How it Started and The Journey so Far

Namaste 🙏🏻 , I sincerely convey my thanks to all the beautiful members of Naari Shakti. Without your love and support, this journey would not have been possible.

My life has been a journey of struggle, hard work, a few failures, and humble success. In 2005, I started my journey with my family as my wind below my wings, and I started a boutique at my home. I always wanted to do something related to creative art and by God’s grace, I turned this passion into my work.

Initially, as with any new concept, things didn’t work as per my expectations since I don’t appreciate plagiarism or copying the design, or just following the trend. My boutique was a little different from regular boutiques due to the type of work and dedication that I was involved with.

My aim was to create something special, something exclusive something elite. But yet again the challenge was how to start and how to go about it and most importantly how to market it.

Due to the initial setback, within 4 years I had to shut down my boutique. I was not contented with the work that I was doing. With little tears in my eyes and shattered dreams I had to forgo my first love “my boutique”.

Thereafter in 2014, I decided to take a plunge again into the world of fashion and designing. I decided to start my own workshop for my startup “NandiDimps”. Again there were similar challenges: how And where?

Ours was a big joint family and it was difficult to get a special room or space to myself. So I decided that I will start my workshop from the storeroom itself. In this process my entire family supported me. And this is how “NandiDimps” was formed.

From a store room’s restricted space, one sewing machine, some colors and fabric, and most importantly with big dreams and my family support, I re-commenced my journey under the brand name NandiDimps.

The journey to date has been really amazing like a roller coaster ride from lows of one room and less infrastructure to highs of reaching out by the Bollywood diva – Vidya Balan.

Being a startup company owned by a woman was extremely challenging. Initially, we struggled a lot but there was one strong feeling that NandiDimps will not copy the trends, rather become the trendsetter.

Step by step every day we were growing and it was organic growth only by word of mouth and people’s love for us.

In this journey, I met some amazing women who supported me with their hearts and soul. My brand is not about me or one person, it is a team of energetic and passionate people, who motivate me in every thick and thin moment.

In these 7 years, I have learned a lot, as I said that it was organic growth not just for the brand but for me too as a human being. Being a designer is a difficult task, even to match the quality and price. However, we never compromised with the quality of our products.

Finally, I would quote the famous Urdu Saying:
“गिरते हैं सह सवार ही मैदाने जंग में
वो टिफल क्या गिरेगा जो घुटनों के बल चले”

Like all you fighter ladies, I too have fought my battles well, a few falls have not been able to dissuade me from achieving my aim. Finally, I would like to quote our respected PM. #Govocalforlocal

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  1. Shalini says:

    Have seen all your struggles @nandidimps through all these years. I must say that you are a fighter. Love you ♥, your compassion and your dedication towards your work. Keep Shinning

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